We are suppose to Enjoy the Evolution of Delicacy in eachothers excistence.
To be in Clarity for Space Communication -Masterclass on Earth.
Softly zooming by ... in the bearable Lightness of Being a Human.

Arriving , thanks to the Tenderness of Touch.

Catch the Evolution of Evolution, in the making.

Guarantee the Best available quality of Life on your Own GRID.

Where Subtlety ... Acts the movements of Human Specimen.

To be relieved in the Future, during the After Stone Lifestyle.

Consoled for the Circle of Reproduction of Everything in Particle Cloud.

I Love you for your Skills.



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EQ behind Bigbang Clock runs on Sound and Light; not the 24 /5 / 365 timeline we use on Earth.

Link naar 'https://www.svpwiki.com/music+note+or+sound+colors'

As lon as we can't listen with full body to Universe, we may use this Earthly timeline for Making of Mankind. And, Nature.

Young must study all these 'How the Universe works video's'.

Give yourself an Element & Place in this process. It makes Life a lot easier to handle ... and to debate.... when you have a Startingpoint all can see.

And, it brings you pleasure to design a New Perspective on Life for Solutions, when you all have a platform for EQ behind Bigbang and Justice.


God / Spaceforces upgraded My Soundpanel , during my Sleep... last night:

Hiccups ( De Hik)

'We make a Back-up of yor Body-system'.

I listen to Space; LOVE it when they Fix my body.

Have learned 'that I must participate in Half-awake Condition'.

'When you have Hiccups, we switch off ... the panel for First Stepps made by Baby'.

Of course... God plays with Electric panels in Human body to Repair things Against all Odds.

I lissten to My body with a Fresh Approach. My mind boggles about the Definition for 'observing Myself'... but I trust God / Spaceforces to pull the Strings ..coming weeks. I will Learn; one way or the other.

BRAIN-doctors have never told us about this process.


All Organisation connected to a Federation are 1 Worldparliament -Makers:

  1. They ignore UN-Charter and legel obligations between Countries.
  2. Ignore Torture Treaty.
  3. Misused IntlCrimCourt for Warcrime laundry.
  4. Have Created FAKE Medical world ; the Software / Hardware are on Earth for Depopulation.
  5. Have left out Individual Rights in Software for Healthcare.
  6. Have designed Medical Treatment for Total control over Slaves = patient is their Slave.
  7. Have created Genocide / Murder per Patient system.
  8. All Software about Human Brain is designed by Criminals with an Anti-Social Behavior Disorder.
  9. Young people can not Survive Medical Care.
  10. All Body Cleansing Healthcare Treatments are left out = Monsters wants to be in control over Depopulation.

When God / Spaceforces Talk to Me...

My Destination is:

'I have Learned to Cope with Love & Hope... While, Making Compact.EQ on the Meridians of Earth for the Human body. Nature-mode'.

I am being restricted in all Thinkable ways, when I leave this Parcours.

'Fucking Hel , is not my corebusiness'. Its My Mirror in the Atmosphere for Orbit-talks...

Love Orbit-talks in the Evolution of Absolution, but it can be So Difficult 'to cope with it All'. Being 1 single woman.

There are Days , that Spaceforces give Me a 'View to Kill'. They give Me - to Gobetween - an Overlook on Earth and its Role in SpaceBlok / Universe. For the Refinement of EQ behind BigBang.

I can See the List for Do's & Don't.

Beauty of Growing Older...


Today, I must write the Mentality of a Kabelbaan - Funiculare - Manager.


Love is always

in the Missing Trees.


the Inability to accept the Evolution of Nothing on your Individuel Grid. Under your DNAwarehouse.

As soon as your Brainfluid discovers 'that You want Everything on your Grid... and you ignore the Evolution of DNA-unfoldings Skills... it starts to Balance your Perception in the Universe'.


You can no longer Copy the Skills of a Fellow Human.

Start to Rake, now you want your Grid to be filled.

But thats not what it is designed for.


Lightflow to Space and all there is, Inside Yourself.

Grid Lightflow:

Communication-hotline, not a bankaccount.

Have you noticed ... that AI - developers for Psychology & Total Control Robots ... 'always SKIP the Jealousy System by the Human Body'?