Sect Country management / Justice AI robot corruption can be Stopped. TortureTreaty.

International Criminal Court / Microsoft / Supercomputers build AI robot for killing all Humans.  Another AI must punish killing Robot and write Courtverdict.


Group of people with Dominant Leaders.

Leaders communicate with Onliners for Total Control / Slavery / Murder.

Sect leaders want Children to suffer under their acts.

Sect = closed environment.

Leaders test Outsiders  who want to become Member.

Leaders kill Humans who expose / report the Cult to the Police for Investigation / Prison sentence Criminals.

Members of the group can never leave the System, without being punished.  You are either  ...  'In or Out'.... 

When you want to leave you want to be killed.

WEF - EU  - UN - Nato - IMF - Bank - Parliament - Government have turned themselves into SECT management.

They live & work in their Own Violent Phantasy.

Removal of Sect ... out of your Home - School - Work - Social life:


Samsem - Spacecourtplanet Young Managers & Co, 

This morning, I planned to  explain 'How people come to Sect behavior'. 

But, I realized 'that you only need to Know HOW to Escape from that Club and HOW to Survive in the Legal world'.  

Microsoft = sect cult.

Runs for all Hardware / Software Businesses. 

Question ICC - Microsoft - all Individual & Organisations must answer is: 

'I don't want to be Tortured by you'. 

You damage my life & body:  ( here you give a list)

As it comes to International Criminal Court your say:

'You ignore the ICClawsuit against NL, what has resulted in fact that you Torture me with Bioweapons - AI robots'. 

I want you to stop Torturing me.

I want  you to pay my for Damage you cause me.

How are you going to prove that you are wrong?

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