Arbitrage Rechtbank :

Verplichte procedure +

Verplichte inlevering Probleem oplossing +

Grondwet RepubliekNL + Charter SAMSEM.

In the making.

SAMSEM constructs a 100%
NEW Court of Law system for
Young Generation.

Arbitration Court of Law with its obliged Problem-solving Procedure.

All crime for a Punishment of 1 year Prison-sentence will be judge at this A-Court. DamageClaim payment in A-courtVerdict, without the need of extra trials.

Next to the Criminal Court of Law.


Rolemodel Constitution Homeland for each SAMSEM-memberstate

Each Country, stays an Independent Nation.
With its Own Homeland Constitution & National Arbitration-Courtsystem.
All Conflicts must be Judged by A-Court - on national territory - first, before taking it to an International Court of Law.
When 2 nations are in conflict, they both start the A-courtcase for an A-courtverdict incase of the conflict ; on their own national territory.