Jobs at SAMSEM

Only Young People are Welcome as Persons who will obtain a Payed job in this Political System.

In the Nearby Future.

Everybody - older than 30 - is welcome, but must work from Win all Lawsuits procedure in Communications = Stop UN - ICC - Parliament / President Corruption .
Prove 'that you are not Th Next DARKWEB Criminal, wanting to become a Lobbyist'.
Prove 'that you are not a Money raker, who plans to turn the Young into Slaves on AI robots, which are going to fight eachother to dead in 2025'.
Prove 'that you don't work for an NGO , where Boardmembers are Dreaming of becoming a Colony Head / Leader with Slaves working Governments & Business'.


We really don't care 'if you like us or not'.

We operate based on the Internal Drop-Death- Policy;

Too Lazy to prove' that you Start all your Activities from Win all Lawsuits procedure'?

Don't contact us.