DavidHogg ( and his USA friends ) is the First Top-manager of SAMSEM.

DavidHogg & Kevin Lata = Topmanagers in America




I can not link all USA young people , yet. Later, you will have Own Position Page in Samsem / Spacecourtplanet.

LeonMugisho DRCongo

Welcome as our Financial Wise Man.


Topmanager North-Asia / North - EU / Russia


Anuna de Wever = Spacecourtplanet Tolk.

FBI - LegionEtrangere - Federale Politie België.


SAMSEM = fine with fact that Anuna gets Light Punishment for Vandalism.


MyBillionKids 2024

Because GretaThurnberg & LuisaNeuambauer do not work Legally correct - with determination -

I have to remove @FridaysforFuture from this site.

We are LeadersweDeserve, not brainless Activists ...

Like Greta --- who have themselves arrested by Police for fun.

This really makes me angry.

We are in this together since 2018.

Many young people suffer.

We plan Samsem-Japan in Okayama.
Just started talks.


We still have some Hard Work to do, before we List the Members.

Clean up the Members first, before we can give them Access.