EU - UN - Investors create Man-made Natural Disasters. Not only with Chemtrails, but also by Digging Holes... what cause Waterway to flood land. Sabotaging riverbanks , with Pipelines... so land will flood.

FAKE Climate Investments

Amsterdam onderwater door Parlement / Schiphol


Geplande rampen 2030 = overstromingen


Internationaal Watermanagement heeft Amsterdam goed in kaart gebracht voor genocide.


This what you are looking for; holes made in dikes.


Waterpomps are not construced for Warcrimes Floods, conducted by Parliament / Countrymanagement


We don't kill Poor - Elite- Business with man-made floodings.


NL - Italië Volk wordt moedwillig geofferd voor Maken Professoren KLimaat


FBI school:

CHATP AI robots design Codes for Hacking other Servers / Computers.

This is the End of ICT industry.


Lansweeper follows all IT activity linked to your device... in the environment.

Mens = slaaf = eigendom van Bedrijf / Overheid.

Mens wordt Overal & Altijd gevolgd en deze DATA wordt misbruikt voor Total control / Diefstal / Moord/


DNS = Domain of your computer.

All DARKWEB criminals use your DNS to follow you.

You can improve your privacy.

But, at the End of the Line... this Quad9 = the New DATAPLATFORM for

  • 1 world parliament
  • IoT world for Partners of UN-genocide.

I have not closed down my DNS tracking, because Hardware / Software follows my Int.CrimCourt communications.

Meaning: I do know faster WHO is devil in my Inbox.

Most important thing to do = Do Not Work with Creditcards.


Centrale Bank Digitaal Geld

= 100% gedecentraliseerd geld

= Alle Bedrijven verliezen Macht over hun Eigen Bankrekening.

Overheid krijgt alle DATA van elk mens / bedrijf... en dit kan niet beveiligd worden.

= Geld kan verdwijnen

= Geld wordt gelabeld voor bepaalde goederen / diensten

= Toegang tot Geld als Moordwapen in handen van Hardware / Software bedrijven.

Rechtspraak verdwijnt.


Governments still want People to take the Covid Vaccin, while Danmark has proven that Vaccin Bathes determine the impact of Genocide / ill making impact on human body.

Batchnumbers indicate 'how ill / death you will be'.

We don't Do #GlobalHealthRegulation at #SAMSEM

Each Samsem-member is as much disconnected from AI in Health as possible. Because its WO3 and its planned by Devil 'to change the content of the Medical File for Murder & Money'.





Energie voorziening bepaalt: wel / geen kanker.