IPM Stokkel starts in Netherlands with full Clean up attack on Ministery of Justice & Security.

People can be killed.

/www.rijksoverheid.nl/ministeries/ministerie-van-justitie-en-veiligheid has STARTED to kill WEF-elite = Erasmusmc shooting in Rotterdam.

Justice Department has brainwashed Criminals into Conduct Assignments = they keep Criminals out of prison... on condition that they work for making AI Robot systems.

NWO designs Depopulation- AI .

Criminals who are brainwashed into commiting Warcrimes 'can not be managed well = they are made Insane'.

Insanity happened in Rotterdam, last week.

An out of control person - turned into a monster - started tp kill... WEF-elite.

Besides: NL - WEF- Elite wants KingCharles - UK - WEF - Elite to be killed. Organized via Social Media Platform.

Besides: WO3 designers / NATO have attacked Soldiers in Ukraine with a Special type of Bioweapon. For the making if Hulk / Transformers Soldiers.

They make Military ill and Heal them with mRNA vaccins on top of mRNA vaccins = Zombie-making.

Out of Control Airpollution... that even kills the WEF- elite.

Its time to Clean up Justice Department.

In Kingdom Netherlands is the High education system taken over by Massmurders.
  • All education programs are designed for Manipulation of People and Total Control.

  • They use Money to construct the AI world. They need Situations in which Humans live. Turn them into a Software world.

  • They also need Criminal World in the Computer.... for which they Manipulate Criminal persons into Acting out = people die for Making of AI.


Turns all Humans into Slaves under 1 World parliament, in co=op with WANGO, the HQ for NGOs... in Control over All Social Life & buisness.


GoedeDoelen = Lottery Finance world ... works with AI from Elepant Road. Taken over by GoodHabitz, which is an ICT Management system.


Loterij personeel krijgt dus ook Slaven-makers Training.

Trainen van Slavenmanagers.


Pro-genocide / Meer WO3 bedrijven werken allen met deze AI = WANGO wordt Min Sociale Zaken voor 1 Wereldparlement.


444 Personeelsleden GoodHabitz draaien omzet van ruim 180.000 dollar Per Personeelslid, dankzij DATA Harken / Slaven maken


For dealing with the Problem 'WANGO = NGO HQ for Slave-makery in co-op with UNDESA - Unitar - Nato - Intosai - Worldbank - IMF - International Criminal Court - National Parliaments ++... you Must work with Win all Lawsuits procedure'.

What happens?

  1. Nato becomes 1 World parliament = Management by Biohacking / 5G murder.
  2. OECD takes care of Education of Slave-kids from 'Pregnant Parent to Grave'; including the Child in Sexindustry parcours.
  3. Intosai becomes the International Ministry of Finance .where ONLY 1 Set of Rules determine 'all Finance on Earth'.
  4. WANGO = HQ for all NGOs - listed under UN FLAG - and they cowork with UNDESA / Unitar / Worldbank/ Queen Maxima's Microfinance... for the Making of SLAVES out of all Humans on Planet Earth.

Basically: Parliament & Government HOMELAND diseapper in 2030.

All UN-memberstates are Ruled - in Social Affairs - by WANGO.

Boardmembers of NGOs are in Charge of ALL that has to do with Social Behavior ; in Family - Work - Sports - Nature - Media - Finance - Life.

AI robot Biohacks the Individual Slave into this System with #CryptoBankCurrency.

Conclusion: All Humans are made Poor for the Sadism Lust of NGO Boardmembers. All will be manipulated into Slavery LabourContract / Sexindustry / DARKWEB Crimeworld.

Extra Trouble:

NGOs get their income from Lottery-systems. VIPS / Mediamakers are going to shovel the People into Slave / Sexindustry on DARKWEB... with DATA they collected with Selling Lottery Tickets.




From today on - 13 june 2023 - we work Backwards; Starting in 2030 and Back to 2023. Why?

I must stay

'The Holy Bean; being Good rolemodel for Putting People behind ... The Killing AI in prison...'.

Somebody has to do this/ Appearantly... its Me.

What is your SpaceBlock Task on Earth?

Source: La Opinion de Malaga News


You may not attack ElonMusk.
Handle him as a Man who has been in a coma since his Childhood... and now comes to live again.

He needs to Learn All there Is.

Think - Talk - Move - Do - Build - Set Boundaries - Love ( like a Teenager ) - Grow in Love & Relationships. When you Attack him, you do block the Generator for Evolution of Good. Evil lays ... in History.