Deze 4 helpen Koninklijkhuis - Parlement bij uitmoorden NL volk op NL grondgebied; in ICC - EU - VN - Nato corruptie. Nieuw College nodig dat WO3 stopt voor SDE342041


Peaceplan SDE342041 is designed by FBI - LegionEtrangere - ArrestatieTeam5821 - DesireeStokkel - KateMiddleton Buckinghampalace -


25 - 09 - 2023:

All Political Parties Kingdom NL have decided 'to use the Medical File as Digital Twin... in Supercomputers for Making of Products' = murder by Satellite.
All Business have access to Medical DATA of Personnel / Customers / Politicians / CEOs & Compitition +++.
DARKWEB takes over power = in control over Human Body - House - Work - Holiday - Family - Politics.


We start with Construction SpacecourtPlanet Talks / Orbit Talks for #SDE342041.

The New Intergalaxy Security World for Young Generation.

  • Political - Business Talks
  • Clean up of IntCrimCourt
  • Cleanup of Government / Parliament / Business in DictatorshipNL
  • Install of RepublicNL

  • Stop Intergalaxy Corruption with Constitution RepublicNL / Constitution Homeland

  • ArbitrationCourt on top of Constitution Homeland; with its Obliged Problem-Solving Procedure.
  • All Conflicts in a Country must be brought to the ArbitrationCourt on National Territory first .
  • Each Party in Conflict starts this A-Court Case on its Own Homeland Territory. International Conflicts go to A-Courts for All Parties on their Homeland Territory.

  • ICT world is reconstructed in A-court System ( current AI disappears, because that is 1 Worldparliament.)
  • Each Samsem-member works from Constitution Homeland + A-court of law.
  • Each Samsem-member will start with a Constitution Court of Law = in Homeland.

Result: All Conflicts must be solved in Homeland ...first. International Lobby is cut loose from 100% Corruption.

Spacex is worst Enemy, next to ICC - MinPres / MinBZK corruption.